Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk is a folk music duo created in 2015 by fiddle player Anouk Sanczuk and guitarist Florian De Schepper. Both were raised in families where playing an instrument at a young age was normal. As kids, they often went to folk music festivals and concerts. It made them decide to learn to play this style of music and so as teenagers, both joined their first folk band.

Now, several years later, after playing around Europe and beyond with different folk- and jazz projects, they decided to start up a fiddle-guitar duo. After 2 years of playing in this new formation, Anouk and Florian finished their first album "Perron 12" with all proper written compositions in 2017. Having studied both classical and jazz music at the conservatory of music, the music of Florian & Anouk contains elements of different genres, often leaving space for improvisation without losing their folk roots. In 2018 They toured around Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.